Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Wedding jewellery with a touch of luxury

A symbol of purity and love, white pearls hold a special place when choosing bridal accessories and wedding gifts. Celebrating the simplicity and elegance of pearls, the new 18 carat pearl jewellery range from Lustrous brings a contemporary edge. 

The new dazzling collection from this London-based boutique jeweller is sleek, stylish and forever fashionable. Each piece is crafted with the finest cultured Japanese Akoya and fresh water pearls, set in polished carat gold for an ultra-luxurious aesthetic. The boutique also offers pearls in a kaleidoscope of colours, including South Sea golden lusters, champagnes, ivories, pinks and peaches.

Lin Johnson, founder of Lustrous, explains: “Unlike other gemstones and accessory trends, pearls offer wearers timeless allure. While they’re reminiscent of old world glamour and antiquated affluence they’re also utterly on-trend”.

Across the global fashion scene, pearl jewellery is growing in popularity. From the refined style of the Duchess of Cambridge, the elegant ‘English rose’ aesthetic of Emma Watson, the edgy chic of Katy Perry,  to the  catwalk swagger of Candice Swanepoel and the powerful dress sense of Hillary Clinton, pearls are a versatile accessory choice for ladies of all walks of life. 

For more wedding accessories and jewellery inspiration, check out our previous feature on Amanda Wyatt's collection and Heirloom London's tips on choosing real diamonds. 

W: www.lustrousjewellery.com


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