Friday, 17 October 2014

Fashion Friday: Wedding Rings Guide

We're delighted to bring you a special jewellery Fashion Friday focus this week: wedding bands! They may be the smallest accessories on your wedding list, but you'll be wearing them for a very long  and happy time - and they carry an enormous sentimental value - so careful consideration is needed. The precious metal bands symbolise a union of commitment and love between two people; wearing them acts as a reminder of the promises of love and devotion the bride and groom have made for each other on their wedding day. 
To guide you on your planning journey, we talked to diamond expert Vashi Dominguez, owner of - here are the four main things you need to know before hitting the shops: 

Style is down to individual taste and there is no right or  wrong way to encapsulate this in your wedding ring. With that in mind, consider a style that you’ll love for a very long time – your taste is likely to evolve and change, just like you. In tone with tradition, plain wedding bands and diamond encrusted rings are a much better choice than the latest trends with over-the-top embellishments. That doesn’t mean you can’t have bespoke design that matches your engagement ring.    

Choosing the shape of your wedding band can often leave you spoilt for choice as there are various things to consider i.e. the band width (thick or thin), curved or straight, mixing metals and having a tiered, paved or plain setting. Fancy designed shapes (tiered and paved settings) are a perfect choice for a glitzier styled ring. These settings are ideal for diamond encrusted or gemstone wedding rings. For a more sleek and elegant wedding ring, I would strongly recommend a slim and/or twisted wedding band. It’s important to try on a few different styles to decide which shape suits you best.

Like every other detail of your wedding, you decide how much you want to spend – it has to feel right for you and fit within your budget. Plain wedding bands tend to be cheaper than fancy styled rings i.e. diamond encrusted or gemstone rings. Another point to consider is your wedding band setting. Wedding bands range from white gold and platinum, to yellow gold and silver. Gold, whether white or yellow, is the most popular and enduring choice. Platinum is the strongest jewelry metal, resistant to damage and tarnishing, making it a great choice if you can afford it. Prices tend to be cheaper for online purchases compared to retail stores – just make sure you buy from a recognised brand, as they can offer additional services for the future.

Matching rings
If opting for matching designs, you must be able to combine both of the partners' style and personal taste. There are many ways to do this: his and her sets, engraving or choosing the same metals. Should you prefer to have individual bands but still like the idea of coupling your rings, why not choose a bespoke service, which allows you to create a ring that combines matching ideas? 

For more information about the rings featured above and a list of prices, visit the website. You should also check out our article about grooms rocking the ring and those who prefer to give it a miss in our summer issue of West Weddings. If our guide got you thinking, come on over to our Twitter and Facebook pages and show us your engagement and wedding ring pictures! 

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