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Planning a Wedding Without Breaking the Bank (Part 3) - Anneka's Story

Today we wrap up our series with Anneka’s story. Anneka and Tom got married only last month and it just so happens that it was photographed by none other than Yours Truly (me!).

Having spoken with Tom and Anneka I knew that they didn’t have the world to spend on their wedding, so I was interested to see how they went about planning. On their wedding day I was so floored by how gorgeous, well-planned and all-around FUN the day was that I couldn’t help but ask a few nosey questions to find out how they did it. While I was inspired by many weddings and many brides, it was actually Anneka’s wedding that really sparked this series!

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Top Trumps & Candy Jars: Anneka’s Story

© Kate Hacker Photography

1.       Tell us a little bit about you, your wedding, and your wedding budget:

My name is Anneka and I got married to Tom in February of this year. We had just 4 1/2 months to organise our wedding. I work in a school so we had to plan around school holidays in order to have a honeymoon after. It was definitely a very busy few months. It helped that I worked part time and was able to do a lot in my spare time. Our budget was £7,500. 

2.       What elements of a wedding took top priority for you in your planning?

We were both flexible about how we wanting things to be. Neither of us had specific ideas and this made decisions easier. The one thing that was very important to us was that the day would be laid back and enjoyable for everyone.

3.       What was your experience of working on a budget, and what would you tell a bride who is worried that she needs to go into debt (or wait 10 years) to afford the wedding she wants?

It was very useful to have a budget and keep track of what we were spending. Before we wrote our budget we asked some friends about theirs. We didn't keep to it strictly but in the end we found that we were only £250 over. We asked friends and family to help us. We saved money by making lots of things, such as the invitations, orders of service and table decorations, and also we arranged the flowers ourselves.

© Kate Hacker Photography

4.       What did you end up spending the least amount of money on? Why did you spend less on this, and how did you manage to keep the cost down?

We tried to keep things simple. Instead of individual favours we had Top Trumps games and jars of sweets, which we had decorated, on each table. We also saved money by the men wearing their own suits but we hired matching shirts, waistcoats and cravats.

© Kate Hacker Photography

5.       What did you end up spending the most on, and why? What made this particular thing a spending priority for you?

We spent the most on providing food and drink for our guests - about £2,500. We wanted to celebrate with lots of our family and friends, so with nearly 200 guests we couldn't avoid this. We bought the drink ourselves when the supermarkets had offers on. We also decided to hire crockery that could be sent back dirty which cost more.

6.       What would you give as your top ‘insider tip’ for throwing a wedding without millions of pounds to spare?

Organising a wedding on a budget doesn't mean that you can't make it what you want. Decide what is important to you and be willing to compromise on some things. You can save lots by asking others to help you.


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