Thursday 24 January 2013

'Nostalgic' new bridal collection

Vintage has been so 'in' for the past few years, that it's rare to see a new twist and fresh inspiration on the concept, particularly in the world of bridal gowns. At West Weddings we love vintage as much as anyone, but noteworthy pieces are becoming fewer and farther between.

Well, we were in for a surprise when we heard this week from Annalise Harvey, an award-winning bridal designer, who has recently put her twist on the vintage concept (to 'reclaim' vintage, in her words). She was kind enough to send us some photos!


 is a collection of six dresses that take the best elements of dresses from the past and update them to appeal to the modern bride.

Probably a favourite out of this collection (at least if the blog editor is choosing - which she is!) is 'Lulu'. The sheer long sleeves on this dress are beautiful, and the inspiration seems more 'retro' than 'vintage', which is amazing to see in a wedding dress. This dress in particular is executed in a classy way -- not distracting from the bride herself -- that still shows a strong sense of style.

We love these silk dresses, and the gorgeous lace work is done entirely by hand!

Annalise's take on her dresses is that "it isn't about creating a wow dress - the wedding isn't about the frock!" The bride is the most important feature of the wedding, she says, "and (the bride's) gown must reflect who she is and make her feel at her utmost best, because if she feels that way, she will look that way. 


"I see the dress as the perfect frame for the beautiful woman that the groom has fallen in love with."

-- we agree, Annalise. We agree.

Notes: Prices for the Nostalgia collection range from £600-£2,100. Gowns are available directly from the Studio A Fittings service in London as well as from Annalise Harvey's studio in Truro.

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  1. Stunning collection from a young designer with a great future.