Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sneak peek: behind the scenes of the latest West Weddings photoshoot

One of my favourite things about being the editor of West Weddings is doing the photoshoots. It's always a really fun day when we get a great team of people together to create some beautiful photographs, and our photoshoot for the upcoming autumn edition was no exception.
Held at Old Down Manor in South Gloucestershire, and with David J Brewin at the photographic helm, we all had a brilliant time creating a 1920s inspired wedding. The photos from the day will be in the autumn edition of West Weddings, out on 17th August, and we'll also share some other shots on the blog. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here are a few behind the scenes photos...

Hannah and I check out the grand staircase at Old Down

One of our beautiful dresses from Truly You

Ria from HUSH puts the finishing touches to model Jessica

David Hill-Souch from Shoot DHS, who art directed the shoot, with groom Tian

Hannah and I are pretty pleased with how it's going so far!

Verena from Truly You and Amanda from Bridezillas keep a close eye on proceedings - and you can just see Kate in the mirror!
Hannah, Jacqui and I check out David's latest shot

The West Weddings shoe collection, which usually lives under my desk!

Jessica strikes a pose in the bridal suite

Everyone was taking photos by the end!

We tried to get this peacock to be in a photo, but he wasn't having any of it

How to photobomb a professional shoot!

The West Weddings autumn photoshoot team were:

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